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We believe every company and every brand has a unique voice. When it communicates clearly, it articulates what's best about your products, services and people in a way that captivates and inspires loyalty. When it mutters, it falls on deaf ears.

At STEELE+ we selectively partner with the finest brands in the world to refine, deliver, and even discover their voices-true, authentic, strategically focused voices that don't change with the whims of fad and fashion, but endure over time, creating a solid foundation for prosperity. What makes this philosophy tangible is our driving commitment to excellence at every stage of our process. Our experience working with brands whose products and services are "best in class" is essential in giving us the groundwork needed to strategically and effectively service our accounts.

There are no "small jobs" for our clients. The care we devote to the smallest details seeds the potential for becoming big ideas for your company. A simple "product notecard" we might develop for you could one day become your branding campaign theme.

We subscribe to the 10% Rule: Only 10% of the members of any category truly represent and deliver excellence. We aim to remain among that number, and choose to partner with people, products, and companies of that caliber. From the photographers and directors we choose to shoot campaigns, to the paper on which brochures are printed, and at every step in between, our clients rest assured their work is being handled by only the most capable hands their budgets will allow.

In sum, we don't believe brands can stand out by blending in, so we work boldly. We believe everything counts. Everything. We believe excellence is one of the world's rarest commodities, and mine it every day.



An ordinary brick becomes a high fashion statement.
A kitchen faucet becomes a fabled undersea adventure.
A piece of plywood becomes an emotional investment.
A hardwood floor becomes the life of the party.

These are only some of the ways our methodical and proven Vision Discovery Process has helped brands become more alive, more memorable and more successful. Any agency can write a brand strategy. But no other agency has a formula for your success. How do we do it? We don't. You do.

Your branding strategy must be based on the truth, not a marketing gimmick. And nobody knows the truth about your brand as well as you do. So we bring together the key leaders of your company and conduct in-depth group discussions to gather pertinent information about the true essence of your company's brand. Immersing ourselves in the history, values, perceptions and aspirations of your brand. We dive deep, and deeper, until we finally uncover it: Your Brand Essence. You'll see when it happens… because we film it.

Now there's no guesswork. No going back to the drawing board. The truth about your brand has been captured for assessment. After gathering all the intelligence, we'll sift, evaluate and organize it into a dossier of usable knowledge. Only now will we begin to formulate a compelling, easy to implement and ownable strategy with core concepts to bring your brand to life, while setting it apart from your competitors.

We know the process works. Because we have the truth to prove it.

On Paper


Insanely great marketing begins when you've harnessed the core truth about the brand, then exploit it in an emotional way. Truly effective advertising must implant the brand's architecture and positioning in the mind of its audience. It has to disrupt, engage and convince - linking the brand with the target's life and their emotions. This is where STEELE+ comes in.

On Screen


Web design is based on letting the eyes walk over the information, selectively looking at information objects and using spatial juxtaposition to make page elements enhance and explain each other. At STEELE+ we know that your brand's website is your top sales person. So we will stun your audience with high-impact visualization and enhance their experience with video and animation. Our designers and developers are challenged to set the bar with each project they design.


Maintaining Consistency

STEELE+ is a full-service advertising and marketing agency focusing on maintaining consistency of your message no matter which type of communications are needed to enhance your brand's voice.

Our in-house services include:

strategy STRATEGY
bold-ideas BOLD IDEAS
creative CREATIVE
design DESIGN
media MEDIA
code WEB
social SOCIAL


STEELE+ has partnered with some of the finest and most well-respected companies in the world including:


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There's no harm in us starting some discussion about how STEELE+ can help enhance your brand, launch a new product, or simply polish a project you may need help with. We'd enjoy hearing from you. Who knows. It might be a start of something bold for your brand.

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